Private Internet Access Review With Pros, Cons & Best Offer

I have been using many VPN for decades for various reasons. Just a couple of year ago I came across this little-known VPN “Private Internet Access” (PIA) and I’m absolutely loving it.

When it comes to features, speed, performance, reliability & privacy this Private Internet Access wins hands on. I’m using it on Win 11 desktop, Macbook Air Laptop, Iphone 12, Google pixel 4, Realme phone & an old Lenovo Vibe S1 almost on daily. (yes, that is 6 devices, see proof below!)

Throughout 24 hours at least 3 devices are connected to a remote location in the world. PIA allows you to simultaneously connect upto 10 devices.

My VPN Usage History

Over the past decade I have used others like Hidemyass, Express VPN, Strong VPN, and many more forgotten names. But didn’t fall in absolute love with them.

It’s been 3 years since I have started using PIA. Let me repeat again, this PIA VPN is the best & cheapest virtual private network option. Unfortunately, they don’t have a free plan for desktop, and just 7-day FREE trial on mobile Apps.

Giving VPN (or proxy) for free would cost a bomb to any company. If you use any free proxy your system is guaranteed to be infected with malware. That’s the only way those free proxy providers can afford to give it for free.

The Free V/s Paid Debate

Few of PIA’s competitors provide FREE VPN to generate leads and new customers. But such resource hungry free service is expensive to maintain.

That’s why their paid plans are expensive too. Moreover, they make money by selling users data (if you are not bothered, don’t worry!) Honestly, nothing comes for free.

My Usage Review

Being a digital marketer, I’m 24/7 online type of person. I have to check various sites from various locations across the world. I need VPN for checking mine and clients website from different location, spying geo targeted News & Ads etc.

I don’t use VPN for accessing USA Netflix or banned (in India) adult entertainment sites! Ofcourse, you can watch videos on po**h**.com (if that’s your need)


Below you can see screenshots of PIA on my desktop and other devices. The PIA client sits on system tray nicely.

PIA has servers in all the 50 USA states hence covers almost all the big cities. This is really important if you are digital marketer & want to know who running geo targeted Native ads.

Private internet access - USA
Here I have connected to New York, USA. Now Google shows News from USA. Latency is 200-300 ms.

Private Internet Access also has 4 servers in UK and all major European locations are covered. See the screenshot below for a sample.

Private internet access - uk
Here I have connected to London- UK. Google shows News from UK. UK & Europe latency is 150-200 ms.

The mobile app is also lovely with nice user interface. See the screenshot below.

PIA connected to manchester
This is on my Realme mobile phone, connected to Manchester UK. India & Asia latency is 50-100 ms from Bangalore.

I use Iphone & my wife uses Google pixel. So we don’t VPNs on our primary handset regularly. Only when travelling we use it.

Ofcourse, the PIA is Mac friendly too.

private internet access app on mac
On Mac laptop the PIA client sits on top menu bar nicely. Sometimes Indian IP (Mumbai) is technically slower than Singapore! The delay isn’t noticeable.

Private Internet Access Pricing Info

  • It’s Rs 900 per month if you opt for a monthly plan. (Expensive, so not recommended)
  • Rs 250 PM for 1 year plan (my current favorite subscription plan)
  • Rs 150 PM for 3-year plan (subscribe & forget VPN cost for 3 years)

The PcMag says it’s very expensive, but that’s half truth. It’s not expensive if you go for 1 year plan. Maybe PcMag want to promote their own VPN IPVanish.

New VPN Regulation in India

The Govt. want to ban or atleast tightly regulate VPN usage saying it’s a threat to national security. Therefore, they have updated cyber security law. As per new guidelines all VPN service providers are required to store users data for minimum 5 years.

As per this TOI report, many VPN providers are not happy with this new rule. Few companies viz- Surfshark, ExpressVPN and NordVPN have reportedly shut-down their operations in India.

Around 270 million people use VPNs in India (both free & paid). So, India is a huge market that nobody can ignore.

Good & Bad Points

Before summarizing let me highlight some pros and cons

The good stuff

  1. 10 simultaneous connections without bandwidth limit
  2. More than 100 server location in 90 countries
  3. Good latency & reliability.
  4. Very easy to use intuitive UI & easy IP switch
  5. Works seamlessly with all OS (including old Android devices)
  6. All are safe & secure IPs (not blocked by any sites/server)
  7. Good customer support (I never contacted)


  1. No free plan, but 30 days money back guarantee.
  2. Limited 7 day trial on IOS & Android App
  3. Expensive monthly plan, but yearly subscription is cheap
  4. Limited number of IP’s compared to few others (more than enough for me)
  5. Google shows captcha for human verification (same for other VPNs)
  6. Shared IPs, have to pay more for dedicated IPs (not required for 99% users)


From the detailed review above, it’s clear that Private Internet Access is very reliable and affordable VPN service provider. Especially, the massive discount offered on yearly plan is too good to miss out.

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