BizGurukul Business Opportunity Review

BizGurukul is a New Delhi based Tech-education company which offers variety of digital marketing, business, finance, lifestyle and health & fitness courses.

However, more than using the course content & applying it practically students are encouraged to become their affiliate partner with the promise of heavy commission. In this short review let’s find out whether it’s a legitimate opportunity or bogus pyramid scheme.

How Biz Gurukul system Works?

You have to visit the official website and purchase any course. But you can’t! They don’t let you purchase any course without a referrer. In other words you must go through a sponsor or (affiliate)

After enrolling for any course you are encouraged to sell the course to others for a commission of 50 to 70%. See the screenshot below.

bizgurukul affiliate program
Very lucrative commission is offered to students to bring more customers. Probably, this is the biggest benefit of this program!

As per this article on Moneylife, Bizgurukul business model is somewhat similar to eBiz.com. This company is invetigated by the ED (Enforcement directorate) for money laundring and other financial frauds perpetrated in the past decade.

Is this Scam?

Well, defining scam is difficult. The business opportunity is offered by a registered PVT ltd company with physical address and contact info. However, usefulness of their course can be debated.

It maybe useful or absolutely useless depending on your knowledge and expertise. You maybe able to learn a new skill by following their course content. Moreover, you can make money by selling opportunity to others.

Is this MLM, Pyramid Scheme?

Affiliate marketing is not comparable to MLM, Pyramid or Ponzi schemes because there is no downline building. Moreover, maximum reward is given to first referrer and there is no reward for recruiting more affiliates.

From the information available on the website, it seems that there is no reward for building a huge downline like MLM.

Affiliate marketing is absolutely legal and ethical marketing strategy. Therefore, it seems that Bizgurukul program has managed to escape regulatory watch as a direct affiliate marketing business model.

Which courses are offered?

As stated earlier in this article, Biz Gurukul website has many online courses covering variety of topics. Just for the purpose writing this independent review I have selected 2 courses.

Course Name: Facebook Ad Mastery

The cost of this course is Rs 8,999/- The course teaches you things like setting FB ad account, creating campaign & ads, audience targeting and optimization.

biz gurukul facebook course

This is a basic level FB ads tutorial you can find for free. However, absolute newbies may find it useful. Please note that facebook marketing is tough nut to crack. There is plenty of difference between getting 100’s of likes & shares and converting them into paying customer.

Not all the courses are expensive. There are some cheaper course too. See below.

Course: Blockchain & Crypto Currency.

crpto course

Cost of this video lesson is Rs 699/- which isn’t huge. However, this course’s content appears to be very basic level. So, if you know nothing about Crypto, you may find it useful.

Independent Reviews

I could not find any authentic verifiable reviews from real customers who benefited from the course. Quick overview on Youtube triggered few video.

youtube reviews
Biz gurukul Youtube reviews. Even the one which appears like negative feedback is meant for clickbait & trap into the biz funnel.

Most of these videos are created by Bizgurukul affiliates with the intent sell the business opportunity. So you cannot make informed decision by watching these videos.

Can you really make money?

Yes, you can make money by becoming their affiliate partner and by selling the course to others. But you have to sell the ‘dream of becoming rich’ to others.


Final words

BizGurukul program, though grey, is legal within the definition of “direct affiliate marketing”. Hence regulator cannot crack it down easily. Even companies like Amway, Herbalife & Modicare etc. have escaped regulatory restriction using this grey area called “direct marketing”.

In any case you are advised to be very cautious before joining any ‘get rich quick’ type of online marketing programs. Making money isn’t easy – that’s why it’s called ‘hard earned money!’

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