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Start your wealth creation journey by investing on stocks, mutual funds, e-gold and other capital market products. You don’t need 100’s of 1000’s rupees to start your investment portfolio. You can build a portfolio for as low as Rs 100/- per month!

  1. No brokerage is charged for stock delivery, Mutual funds, IPOs and Digi-gold investment.
  2. For intraday trading, futures & options the maximum brokerage is Rs 20/- per transaction.
  3. You can also invest and trade on commodities without separate account.
  4. The process of account opening is 100% online. There is no in person verification and no printed documents to submit.
  1. What is Demat Account ?

    A Demat is a secured digital account similar to your bank account used for holding shares and securities like mutual funds. If you hold any shares in physical form (like share certificate) there is always chance of theft, forgery and loss. A secured digital Demat account reduces all the risk of loss.

  2. What is a Trading Account?

    A trading account is a secured digital account to buy & sell shares, securities, currency and other other capital market products. Infact, you cannot buy or sell shares and securities directly without a trading account with authorized brokers.

  3. What is stock exchange?

    A stock exchange is secured online market place to buy & sell shares and securities. Stock exchanges are regulated by SEBI (Securities exchange board of India) which comes under Ministry of Finance, Govt.of India.

  4. Who is a Stock broker?

    A stock broker is a member and trading partner of a Stock Exchange who earns brokerage fee. You cannot directly deal or trade with stock exchanges. So you must open a account with registered stock broker.

  5. Who is Unnati Fin Guide?

    We are a sub-broker & authorized Ambassador of Upstox, India’s fastest growing discount brokerage firm. We earn referral fee, brokerage share & other incentives for referring customers.

  6. Is there any risk?

    Yes, investment in stocks and mutual funds are always subject short term and long-term market risk. If you are a beginner we advise you to invest a small portion of your savings in capital market products like shares & mutual funds and gradually scale.

  7. I prefer to keep deposit in bank!

    Your wish! However, return on bank deposit is zero and even negative as per research report released by SBI Capital itself. You have to consider tax and inflation factor while calculating absolute return on Bank deposit.

    In India the Govt. & RBI is determined to keep deposit rate low to boost credit, consumption and overall economy. Therefore, deposit interest will remain very low for many years or decade. That’s why young working professionals are turning into stock market investment. If you delay you risk losing benefit of long-term investment!

  8. What is Intraday trading?

    Intraday means trade transactions done by market enthusiasts & speculators. In intraday trading, stock position is not taken to delivery. Which means the trader must clear his position daily irrespective of market condition.  A small deposit called as ‘margin money’ is gives huge margin. So it is possible to earn huge profit by taking huge risk!

  9. Why stock brokers offer free Demat account?

    It’s the Free Demat account offers which drew millions of Indians into invest on capital market. Ofcoure, there is no immediate benefit for brokers from free customers. However, a small portion of customers would become active traders and that’s how companies make money.

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