Indian Stock Market Rewards Long Term Investors – Proof!

Indian stock market rewards long term investors. I started investment in capital market (mainly stocks & mutual funds, govt securities) back in 2014. My total investment was around 30 lacks spread over few years.
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My current portfolio summary shows balance of around 30 lakhs. However, I purchased an apartment in Mysore for 80 lakhs, of which only 30 lakhs loan. Remaining 50 lakhs funded from savings mostly made from stock market.
Again, my portfolio is paying housing loan EMI also ?
I worked in Bangalore stock exchange as a Trade Executive under stock broker and saw people losing money with senseless trading. So I delayed investing in stocks
I was an Auditor before perusing my career in IT/eCommerce. My stock market knowledge is purely practical and is a result of almost one year of study & real investment.
I gave free investment advice within my family and friends circle. Fortunately, nobody lost their money! This is an era of mis-selling of financial products. You’ll hardly find any financial advisors with proven track records to showcase.
I think I can give factual advise on investment for small investors (i.e. investment upto 1 crore)
The great Warren Buffet started investing when he was just 11 year old, he still regrets not investing earlier! I too regret for not investing earlier!
Buffet’s 2 great investment rules.
Rule No 1: Never lose money
Rule No 2: Never forget rule no 1
Investors don’t lose money!
Let’s do some calculation for fun 
How to covert Rs 5000 into 34 lakhs??
Not a pipedream or get rich quick scam. This is just an illustration of ‘power of compound’
To build a corpus of 34 lakh rupees you have to invest Rs 5000 in a SIP (systematic investment plan) directly in stocks or mutual funds.
Over the years Indian stock market gave an average return of 12% which is fantastic. 15% return is achievable by investing aggressively in mid-cap and small-cap funds.
The power of compounding is one of Warren Buffett’s success factors. He’s been preaching this for six decades, and it’s made him a billionaire. And it’s something every investor can copy.